Win-Travellerô v1.2
Released Feb 26th 2009
Win-Travellerô v1.2 Core, File Size: 2 MB Click here to Download
Win-Travellerô v1.2 Suite General, File Size: 294 MB Click here to Download
Win-Travellerô v1.2 Suite Extra, File Size: 175 MB Click here to Download
Win-Travellerô v1.2 Suite Productivity, File Size: 226 MB Click here to Download

This is the third more complete collection of released suites.
More work is done for this released overcoming earlier limitations.
More optimization for best Speed and Performance.
More Refined and tuned Functions.
New Options for Packaging:
- ToCall system folder holding External CMD scripts, To be executed when Parsing Locale Machine.
- Package programs listed on file: Win-TravellerToPackageList.txt
Simplified and Enhanced Menu option. WinBatch includes in one go: Batch, Unzip, Iconic and Profile Actions.
Added New Folders to User's Profile Templates.
Added/Update $Users Template$ Folders and Icons.
Added/Update Win-Traveller Folders Structure and Icons.
Recreated and Enhanced all Icons.
Updates to all previous Packages
Added New Packages
All Packages are packed!
You can exclude any package from installation by renaming the package's extension to ".wta"
All package with ".wtz" extension will be unpacked and installed.
Have a look at the new Interface and see how it feels,
I'm sure you will consider downloading the suites?

Win-Travellerô v1.2 Core Top
001 !Favorites 002 !Frequent 003 Setup 004 Win-Traveller.CMD

Win-Travellerô v1.2 Suite General Top
001 !Freeware\Accessories\3DDManager!.wtz 3D Desktop Manager Yod'm v1.4 002 !Freeware\Accessories\Capture .NET!.wtz Capture .NET v6.1.2944 003 !Freeware\Accessories\Qliner Hotkeys!.wtz Qliner Hotkeys v2.0.1.0 004 !Freeware\Accessories\Themes\3D Earth Screensaver!.wtz 3D Earth Screensaver 005 !Freeware\Accessories\Themes\Luna!.wtz XP Metal, XP Wood, XP YeB 006 !Freeware\Accessories\Themes\Royale!.wtz Royale Blue, Royale Classis, Royale Mestry 007 !Freeware\Accessories\Themes\Stardust!.wtz Charismatic Pill, Face it, Forbidden Area, Golden Trap, Mellow Soporific, Perfectday, Psytropic Green, trinity 3, Urge on Leash 008 !Freeware\Accessories\TTransparency!.wtz TrueTransparency v.84 009 !Freeware\Accessories\VMGlass!.wtz Virtual Magnifying Glass v3.31 010 !Freeware\Accessories\WinClndrTime!.wtz WinCalendarTime v1.0 011 !Freeware\Applications\AbiSuit!.wtz AbiSuite Word v2.6.3 012 !Freeware\Applications\AceMoneyLite!.wtz AceMoney Lite v3.12.2 013 !Freeware\Applications\Best Cash Book!.wtz Best Cash Book v3.65 014 !Freeware\Applications\Count Days!.wtz Count Days v1.0.0.1 015 !Freeware\Applications\Doc Convertor!.wtz Doc Convertor v1.0.0 016 !Freeware\Applications\EZ Barcode!.wtz EZ Barcode v1.5 017 !Freeware\Applications\LetMeType!.wtz LetMeType v1.81 018 !Freeware\Applications\UCBasic!.wtz Unit Converter Basic v1.0 019 !Freeware\Development\Compilers\BCX!.wtz BCX Basic-32 To C Converter v4.61 020 !Freeware\Development\Compilers\Dev Cpp!.wtz Dev C++ v4.9.9.2 021 !Freeware\Development\Compilers\Fpc!.wtz Fpc Mini Pascal v0.2.0.4 022 !Freeware\Development\Compilers\Gentee!.wtz Gentee v3.3.3.0 023 !Freeware\Development\Compilers\Just BASIC!.wtz Just basic v1.0 024 !Freeware\Development\Compilers\RapidQ!.wtz RapidQ v1.0.0.0 025 !Freeware\Development\Compilers\SheerPower!.wtz SheerPower 4GL v5.0 026 !Freeware\Development\Database\DBDesigner!.wtz DBDesigner v4.0.5.6 027 !Freeware\Development\Database\SQLiteSheet!.wtz SQLiteSheet v00.05 028 !Freeware\Development\Editors\Notepadpp!.wtz Notepad++ v5.0.3.0 029 !Freeware\Development\Editors\Tiny Hexer!.wtz Tiny Hexer v1.6.0.2 030 !Freeware\Development\Help and Documentation\ASCII Chart!.wtz ASCII Chart v5.0.pdf 031 !Freeware\Development\Help and Documentation\CSS CS!.wtz CSS Cheat Sheet.pdf 032 !Freeware\Development\Help and Documentation\HelpNDoc!.wtz HelpNDoc v1.11.0.0 033 !Freeware\Development\Help and Documentation\HTML Characters CS!.wtz HTML Characters Cheat Sheet.pdf 034 !Freeware\Development\Help and Documentation\HTML CS!.wtz HTML Cheat Sheet.pdf 035 !Freeware\Development\Help and Documentation\HTML Helper!.wtz HTML Helper v5.0.pdf 036 !Freeware\Development\Help and Documentation\Java Tips TTZ!.wtz 330 Java Tips by Alexandre Patchine.pdf 037 !Freeware\Development\Help and Documentation\Javascript CS!.wtz Javascript Cheat Sheet.pdf 038 !Freeware\Development\Help and Documentation\Javascript QR!.wtz Javascript Quick Reference.pdf 039 !Freeware\Development\Help and Documentation\MySql CS!.wtz MySql Cheat Sheet.pdf 040 !Freeware\Development\Help and Documentation\Php CS!.wtz Php Cheat Sheet.pdf 041 !Freeware\Development\Help and Documentation\Regular Exp CS!.wtz Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet.pdf 042 !Freeware\Development\Help and Documentation\SQL CS!.wtz SQL-Server Cheat Sheet.pdf 043 !Freeware\Development\Help and Documentation\VB.NET QR!.wtz VB.NET Quick Reference.pdf 044 !Freeware\Development\Help and Documentation\Ways to Get Traffic!.wtz 77 Ways to Get Traffic By Allan Gardyne.pdf 045 !Freeware\Development\Help and Documentation\XHTML QR!.wtz XHTML Quick-Reference.pdf 046 !Freeware\Development\Scripting and Installers\InnoSetup!.wtz InnoSetup v5.2.3 047 !Freeware\Development\Scripting and Installers\NSIS!.wtz NSIS Nullsoft Install System v2.35 048 !Freeware\Development\Scripting and Installers\PatchWise!.wtz PatchWise v3.2.8.0 049 !Freeware\Development\Web\Highlight!.wtz highlight-gui v2.6.13 050 !Freeware\Development\Web\Photo albums\WAlbGen!.wtz Web Album Generator v1.8.2 051 !Freeware\Development\Web\Photo albums\WAlbWizard!.wtz Web Album Wizard v1.2.9 052 !Freeware\Development\Web\PHP Code Assist!.wtz PHP Code Assist v1.01 Beta 053 !Freeware\Development\Web\Php DesSeven!.wtz Php Designer 2007 v3.0.2 054 !Freeware\Development\Web\Simple CSS!.wtz Simple CSS v2.0.0.0 055 !Freeware\Development\Web\Web Coder!.wtz Web Coder v1.6.4.0 056 !Freeware\Development\XN Res Editor!.wtz XN Resource Editor v3.0.0.1 057 !Freeware\Educational\Algebra!.wtz AlgebraTrig by Paul Dawkins.pdf 058 !Freeware\Educational\Calc 3D Pro!.wtz Calc 3d Pro v2.1.3.1 059 !Freeware\Educational\Google Earth!.wtz Google Earth v4.3.7204.0836 060 !Freeware\Educational\Graph Calc!.wtz Graph Calc v4.0.1.0 061 !Freeware\Educational\Hydrogen!.wtz Hydrogen v0.9.4 Mar2006 062 !Freeware\Educational\Islamics\Alazhar HdthEncy!.wtz Al-Azhar Hadeeth Encyclopedia v1.0.0.1 063 !Freeware\Educational\Islamics\Athan Basic!.wtz Athan Basic v3.04 064 !Freeware\Educational\Islamics\Islam Guide EN!.wtz A Brief Illustration Guide To Understanding Islam in English.pdf 065 !Freeware\Educational\Islamics\QReciter Arabic!.wtz Arabic 066 !Freeware\Educational\Islamics\QReciter English!.wtz English 067 !Freeware\Educational\Islamics\QReciter French!.wtz French 068 !Freeware\Educational\Islamics\QReciter Indonesian!.wtz Indonesian 069 !Freeware\Educational\Islamics\QReciter Malayu!.wtz Malayu 070 !Freeware\Educational\Islamics\QReciter Spanish!.wtz Spanish 071 !Freeware\Educational\Islamics\QReciter Transliteration!.wtz Transliteration 072 !Freeware\Educational\Islamics\QReciter Urdu!.wtz Urdu 073 !Freeware\Educational\MB Chinese Zodiac!.wtz MB Chinese Zodiac v1.00 074 !Freeware\Educational\MB Zodiac Signs!.wtz MB Zodiac Signs v1.0 075 !Freeware\Educational\Periodic Table Quiz!.wtz Periodic Table Quiz 076 !Freeware\Educational\Ten Amazing Fruits!.wtz Ten Amazing Fruits v2.2 077 !Freeware\Educational\Tiny Piano!.wtz Tiny Piano v0.8e 078 !Freeware\Educational\Tuxtype!.wtz Tux Type v2.1.5.3 079 !Freeware\Educational\Yoshino GRAPH!.wtz Yoshino GRAPH v1.5.1 080 !Freeware\Emails\I Scribe!.wtz I Scribe v1.88 081 !Freeware\Emails\Pop Corn!.wtz Pop Corn v1.74 082 !Freeware\Games\Arcade!.wtz Arcade v3.1.0001 083 !Freeware\Games\Firs FSolitaire!.wtz 1st Free Solitaire v1.4.0.0 084 !Freeware\Games\Foo Billard!.wtz Foo Billard v3.0 085 !Freeware\Games\Kobo Deluxe!.wtz Kobo Deluxe v0.4.1 086 !Freeware\Games\Pouet Chess!.wtz Pouet Chess v0.11 087 !Freeware\Games\SimonPuzzle!.wtz Black Box, Bridges, Cube, Dominosa, Fifteen, Filling, Flip, Galaxies, Guess, Inertia, Light Up, Loopy, Map, Mines, Net, Netslide, Pattern, Pegs, Rectangles, Same Game, Sixteen, Slant, Solo, Tents, Twiddle, Unequal, Untangle 088 !Freeware\Games\SInvdrs OpenGL!.wtz Space Invaders v0.6.1.0 089 !Freeware\Games\Sudoku!.wtz Sudoku v1.1.7a 090 !Freeware\Games\SuperTux!.wtz SuperTux v0.1.3 091 !Freeware\Games\Tux Racer!.wtz Tux Racer v1.0 092 !Freeware\Internet\Browsers\Chrome!.wtz Chrome v1.0.154.7468 093 !Freeware\Internet\Browsers\FirefoxIII!.wtz Firefox v3.0 094 !Freeware\Internet\Browsers\Opera!.wtz Opera v9.63.10476.0 095 !Freeware\Internet\Calling Clients\NetToPhone!.wtz Net2Phone SIP Dialer v3.2.0.10303 096 !Freeware\Internet\Calling Clients\PC Telephone!.wtz PC Telephone v6.0 097 !Freeware\Internet\Download Managers\FileZilla!.wtz FileZilla v3.2.2.1 098 !Freeware\Internet\Download Managers\Frostwire!.wtz FrostWire v4.17.2 099 !Freeware\Internet\Download Managers\Orbit!.wtz Orbit DM v2.8.0.4 100 !Freeware\Internet\Download Managers\utorrent!.wtz utorrent v1.8.2.14458 101 !Freeware\Internet\Download Managers\YTDwnlder!.wtz YouTube Downloader Version v2.1.6 102 !Freeware\Internet\Google Hacks!.wtz Google Hacks v1.6 103 !Freeware\Management\Desktop\MFIcon!.wtz Magic Folder Icon v3.10 104 !Freeware\Management\Desktop\Ms CTT!.wtz Ms ClearType Tuning CP Applet v2.0.2600.2 105 !Freeware\Management\Desktop\Rocket Dock!.wtz Rocket Dock v1.2.5 106 !Freeware\Management\Documents\Foxit Reader!.wtz Foxit Reader v3.0.2008.1222 107 !Freeware\Management\DVDs and CDs\CD Mage!.wtz CD Mage v1.1.0.0 108 !Freeware\Management\DVDs and CDs\FileDisk!.wtz FileDisk v1.0.0.14 109 !Freeware\Management\DVDs and CDs\FolderToISO!.wtz Folder To ISO v1.3 110 !Freeware\Management\DVDs and CDs\SCD Writer!.wtz Small CD Writer v1.0.0.0 111 !Freeware\Management\DVDs and CDs\VFloppy Drive!.wtz Virtual Floppy Drive v2.1 112 !Freeware\Management\Explorers\2xExplorer!.wtz 2xexplorer v1.4.1.12 113 !Freeware\Management\Explorers\Explore2fs!.wtz Explore2fs v1.0.0.0 114 !Freeware\Management\Explorers\Q-Dir!.wtz Q-Dir v3.4.5.0 115 !Freeware\Management\Files\Agent Ransack!.wtz Agent Ransack v1.0.0.1 116 !Freeware\Management\Files\Ant Renamer!.wtz Ant Renamer v2 117 !Freeware\Management\Files\Attribute Changer!.wtz Attribute Changer v6.0 118 !Freeware\Management\Files\Attribute Magic!.wtz AttributeMagic v1.0.4 119 !Freeware\Management\Files\Bulk Rename Utility!.wtz Bulk Rename v2.5.4.3 120 !Freeware\Management\Files\Change Case!.wtz Change Case v3.1 121 !Freeware\Management\Files\FH MPTtag!.wtz Florian Heidenreich Mp3tag v2.4.2.0 122 !Freeware\Management\Files\FileTypes Editor!.wtz FileTypes v1.0.0.1 123 !Freeware\Management\Files\RunWithP!.wtz RunWithParameters v1.1.2 124 !Freeware\Management\HDs\Disk Investigator!.wtz Disk Investegator v1.32 125 !Freeware\Management\HDs\EPM!.wtz EASEUS Partition Manager v3.0 126 !Freeware\Management\Icons\IcoFX!.wtz IcoFX v1.6.1 127 !Freeware\Management\Icons\Icon Explorer!.wtz Icon Explorer v1.0.0.0 128 !Freeware\Management\Machine\DOSBox!.wtz DOSBox Boxer v0.72.exe 129 !Freeware\Management\Machine\Qman!.wtz QemuManager v5.0.0.0 130 !Freeware\Management\Network\Net Scan!.wtz Net Scan v2.8 131 !Freeware\Management\Network\Net Stumbler!.wtz Net Stumbler v0.4.0 132 !Freeware\Management\Network\Networx!.wtz Networx v4.5.4.0 133 !Freeware\Management\Network\PE Net Conf!.wtz PE Network Configurator v2.20 134 !Freeware\Management\Network\Putty!.wtz Putty v0.58 135 !Freeware\Management\Network\Show Traffic!.wtz Show Traffic v1.4.1.45 136 !Freeware\Management\Network\VNC NHood!.wtz VNC Neighborhood v1.1.8 137 !Freeware\Management\Photos\Paint Dot Net!.wtz Paint Dot Net v3.22 138 !Freeware\Management\Photos\ScrHunter!.wtz ScreenHunter v5 Free 139 !Freeware\Management\Photos\UWebshots Cnv!.wtz Ultimate Webshots Converter v1.6.6 140 !Freeware\Management\Photos\Webshots!.wtz Webshots Desktop v3.0.0.7231 141 !Freeware\Management\System\RegToy!.wtz RegToy v0.7.2.1 142 !Freeware\Management\System\Sysinternals Suite!.wtz Sysinternals Suite v(Aug-21-2008) 143 !Freeware\Management\Web\Dir To List!.wtz Dir To List v1.51 144 !Freeware\Management\Web\HypText!.wtz HypText Txt To Html v1.0 145 !Freeware\Management\Web\Web Download!.wtz Web Download v1.0.4.9 146 !Freeware\MultiMedia\Encoders\BonkEnc!.wtz BonkEnc v1.0.10.459 147 !Freeware\MultiMedia\LiveTV\FDRLabAnyTV!.wtz DRLab anyTV v2.3.0.0 148 !Freeware\MultiMedia\LiveTV\Fnettv!.wtz Free Net TV 149 !Freeware\MultiMedia\LiveTV\JLCsITV!.wtz JLCs Internet TV v1.1 150 !Freeware\MultiMedia\LiveTV\TVPCElite!.wtz TVPCElite v1.0.0.0 151 !Freeware\MultiMedia\Players\MPlayer Classic!.wtz Mplayer Classic v6.4.9.0 152 !Freeware\MultiMedia\RipGrabRec\DVDSmith!.wtz DVDSmith Movie Backup v1.0.4.0 153 !Freeware\MultiMedia\RipGrabRec\Fusion!.wtz Fusion v1.7.2.0 154 !Freeware\Tools\AntiVirus\McAfee stinger!.wtz McAfee Stinger v10.0.0.482 155 !Freeware\Tools\Backups and Archives\7zip!.wtz 7Zip v4.63.0.0 156 !Freeware\Tools\Backups and Archives\DB Xtract!.wtz DB Xtract v4.05 157 !Freeware\Tools\Backups and Archives\Driver Backup!.wtz Driver Backup v1.0 158 !Freeware\Tools\Backups and Archives\jZip!.wtz jZip v1.0 159 !Freeware\Tools\Backups and Archives\Reg Restore Wiz!.wtz Reg Restore v1.00.0004 160 !Freeware\Tools\Backups and Archives\Reg Shot!.wtz Reg Shot v1.7.2.5 161 !Freeware\Tools\Backups and Archives\SyncBack!.wtz SyncBack v3.2.18.0 162 !Freeware\Tools\Backups and Archives\Uniextract!.wtz UniExtract v1.6 163 !Freeware\Tools\Backups and Archives\Vice Versa!.wtz Vice Versa v1.0.3.0 164 !Freeware\Tools\Bench and Speed\CPU Bench!.wtz CPU Bench v1.0 165 !Freeware\Tools\Bench and Speed\Nero CD Speed!.wtz Nero CD Speed v3.5.5.0 166 !Freeware\Tools\Bench and Speed\Nero Drive Speed!.wtz Nero Drive Speed v2.0.4.0 167 !Freeware\Tools\Bench and Speed\PC Wizard ZE!.wtz PC Wizard v2008 v2008.1.8.7 168 !Freeware\Tools\Bench and Speed\Quick Bench!.wtz Quick Bench v1.1.0.0 169 !Freeware\Tools\Clean and UnInstall\CCleaner!.wtz CCleaner v2.16.0.830 170 !Freeware\Tools\Clean and UnInstall\CDsk Security!.wtz Clean Disk Security v7.40 171 !Freeware\Tools\Clean and UnInstall\GReg Repair!.wtz Glary Rreg Repair v3.0.0.306 172 !Freeware\Tools\Clean and UnInstall\Reg Cleaner!.wtz Reg Cleanr v4.3.0.780 173 !Freeware\Tools\Clean and UnInstall\RegScrubXP!.wtz RegScrubXP v3.25 174 !Freeware\Tools\Clean and UnInstall\SDCleaner Lite!.wtz SBMAV Disk Cleaner Lite v2.79 175 !Freeware\Tools\Clean and UnInstall\TN RegClnr Std!.wtz TweakNow Reg Cleaner v2.6.0.0 176 !Freeware\Tools\Clean and UnInstall\Win Updates List!.wtz Win Update Lister v1.12 177 !Freeware\Tools\Clean and UnInstall\XP HFix Bck Rmvl!.wtz XP Hot Fix Backup Removal v2.01.0006 178 !Freeware\Tools\Clean and UnInstall\ZSoft Uninstaller!.wtz ZSoft Uninstaller v2.4.0.0 179 !Freeware\Tools\Defrag and Optimize\AusLogics RDefrag!.wtz Auslogics Registry Defrag v5.0.17.440 180 !Freeware\Tools\Defrag and Optimize\Boot Xp!.wtz Boot XP v0.2a 181 !Freeware\Tools\Defrag and Optimize\Defraggler!.wtz Defraggler v1.7.0.124 182 !Freeware\Tools\Defrag and Optimize\DefragNT!.wtz DefragNT v1.9.0.0 183 !Freeware\Tools\Defrag and Optimize\IObit Smart Defrag!.wtz IObit SmartDefrag v1.1.0.2 184 !Freeware\Tools\Defrag and Optimize\JkDefrag!.wtz JkDefrag v3.35.0.8 185 !Freeware\Tools\Defrag and Optimize\NTRegOptemizaer!.wtz NT Registry Optemizaer v1.1j 186 !Freeware\Tools\Defrag and Optimize\RamBooster!.wtz RamBooster v2.0 187 !Freeware\Tools\Defrag and Optimize\!.wtz RegCompact.Net v2.0 188 !Freeware\Tools\Erase and Wipe\Delete Doctor!.wtz Delete Doctor v2.0 189 !Freeware\Tools\Erase and Wipe\Disk Wipe!.wtz Disk Wipe v0.0 190 !Freeware\Tools\Erase and Wipe\Drive Eraser!.wtz Drive Eraser v1.11.000 191 !Freeware\Tools\Erase and Wipe\SDFormatter!.wtz SDFormatter v1.2.1.3 192 !Freeware\Tools\Erase and Wipe\Shredder!.wtz Shredder v2.0.0.1 193 !Freeware\Tools\Info and Diagnose\Bart Test!.wtz Bart v5.0.0 194 !Freeware\Tools\Info and Diagnose\CPU z!.wtz CPU z v1.4.2.0 195 !Freeware\Tools\Info and Diagnose\CrystalDiskInfo!.wtz Crystal DiskInfo v2.0.4.2008 196 !Freeware\Tools\Info and Diagnose\Disk Analyser!.wtz Disk Analyser v1.4 197 !Freeware\Tools\Info and Diagnose\Disk Checkup!.wtz Disk Checkup v1.1.1005.0 198 !Freeware\Tools\Info and Diagnose\Driver View!.wtz Driver View v1.11 199 !Freeware\Tools\Info and Diagnose\HD Tune!.wtz HD Tune v2.5.5.0 200 !Freeware\Tools\Info and Diagnose\Nero Inf Tool!.wtz Nero Info Tool v2.2.7.0 201 !Freeware\Tools\Info and Diagnose\Reg Browser!.wtz Reg Brwoser v1.2 202 !Freeware\Tools\Info and Diagnose\Shell Ex View!.wtz Shell Ex View v1.11 203 !Freeware\Tools\Info and Diagnose\Space Monger!.wtz Space Monger v1.4.0.1 204 !Freeware\Tools\Info and Diagnose\Un known!.wtz Un known Devices v1.2.0.0 205 !Freeware\Tools\Info and Diagnose\WD Diagnostics!.wtz WD Diagnostics 206 !Freeware\Tools\Info and Diagnose\Win Audit!.wtz Win Audit v2.1.2.0 207 !Freeware\Tools\Info and Diagnose\Win Dir Stat!.wtz Win Dir Stat v1.1.2.80 208 !Freeware\Tools\Malware and Adaware\CWShredder!.wtz CWShredder v2.19.0.1099 209 !Freeware\Tools\Malware and Adaware\Hi jack This!.wtz Hi jack This v2.0.0.2 210 !Freeware\Tools\Malware and Adaware\Root kitty!.wtz Root Kitty v1.00.0007 211 !Freeware\Tools\Recovery\Data Recovery!.wtz Data Recovery v2.4.1.0 212 !Freeware\Tools\Recovery\ERecoveryUt!.wtz Emergency Recovery Utility NT v1.1j 213 !Freeware\Tools\Recovery\FreeUndelete!.wtz FreeUndelete v1.0.0.1 214 !Freeware\Tools\Recovery\HRecovery!.wtz Handy Recovery v1.0.0.1 215 !Freeware\Tools\Recovery\Media Doctor!.wtz Media Doctor v1.0.0.0 216 !Freeware\Tools\Recovery\Restoration!.wtz Restoration v1.0.0.1 217 !Freeware\Tools\Recovery\Un Stop Copy!.wtz Un Stop Copy 218 !Freeware\Tools\Recovery\UnChk!.wtz UnChk v3.00.0007 219 !Freeware\Tools\Recovery\Undelete plus!.wtz Undelete plus v2.9.4.0 220 !Freeware\Tools\Security\CSGuard!.wtz Cerberus Security Guard v1.7.0.0 221 !Freeware\Tools\Security\FileVerifier!.wtz FileVerifier v0.2.0.3533 222 !Freeware\Tools\Security\Folder Encr!.wtz Foder Encryption KaKa v4.7 223 !Freeware\Tools\Security\IDSuite!.wtz IDSuite v2.09.0005 224 !Freeware\Tools\Security\Kill Box!.wtz Kill Box v2.00.0017 225 !Freeware\Tools\Security\MDF Sum!.wtz MD5 sum v1.2 226 !Freeware\Tools\Security\Passwd Renew!.wtz Passwd Renew v1.1b 227 !Freeware\Tools\Security\RegFromApp!.wtz RegFromApp v1.1.0.0 228 !Freeware\Tools\Security\TrueCrypt!.wtz TrueCrypt v6.1.1.0 229 !Freeware\Tools\Security\WinMdFsum!.wtz winMd5Sum v1.0.1.55 230 !Freeware\Tools\Security\WinPatrol!.wtz WinPatrol Monitor v14.0.2007.1 231 !Freeware\Tools\Security\WKeyFinder!.wtz Win Key Finder v1.07.0002 232 !Freeware\Tools\Security\XRay PC!.wtz XRay PC v1.0.0.0 233 !Freeware\Tools\System Wide\SPTTweak!.wtz Shell Power Toys Tweak UI v2.10 234 !Programs\Accessories\Themes\plus nature!.wtz Ms Plus Nature 239 !Shareware\Development\PE Explorer!.wtz PE Explorer v1.98.4.1110 240 !Shareware\Development\Resource Builder!.wtz Resource Builder v2.6.1.1 241 !Shareware\Management\App Mover!.wtz Application Mover v0.2.6.0 242 !Shareware\Management\Art HTML Listing!.wtz Art HTML Listing v3.27 243 !Shareware\Management\AS AhaView!.wtz Aha-Soft AhaView v3.16 244 !Shareware\Management\AS IconLover!.wtz Aha-Soft IconLover v4.16 245 !Shareware\Management\Attribute Magic!.wtz Attribute Magic v2.1.9.0 246 !Shareware\Management\FProp Changer!.wtz File Properties Changer v1.17 247 !Shareware\Management\PowerISO!.wtz PowerISO v4.1.0.0 248 !Shareware\Management\Shortcut Doctor!.wtz Shortcut Doctor v0.3.1.0 249 !Shareware\Management\Stamp It!.wtz Stamp It v5.2.1.7 250 !Shareware\Tools\AFDRecovery!.wtz AnyFound Data Recovery v3.1.0.0 251 !Shareware\Tools\RegSnap!.wtz RegSnap v5.8.1920 252 !Shareware\Tools\ViceVersa Plus!.wtz Vice Versa Plus v2.4.2.1 253 !Shareware\Tools\WinRAR!.wtz WinRAR v3.80.0.0

Win-Travellerô v1.2 Suite Extra Top
001 !Freeware\Educational\Alfa EBManager!.wtz Alfa EBooks Manager v0.4.5.0 002 !Freeware\Educational\WordWeb!.wtz WordWeb v5.2 notray, WordWeb v5.2 003 !Freeware\Emails\MozThunderbird!.wtz Mozilla Thunderbird v2.0.0.19 004 !Freeware\Management\Files\DirToTxt!.wtz DirToTxt v1.0.0.0 005 !Freeware\Management\Files\VJSMM!.wtz ViJaSoft My Mp3s v1.4.0.0 006 !Freeware\Management\Photos\Fresh View!.wtz Fresh View v6.50.0.0 007 !Freeware\Management\Photos\Gadwin PScn!.wtz Gadwin PrintScreen v4.3 008 !Freeware\Management\Photos\Photobie!.wtz Photobie v5.2 009 !Freeware\Management\Photos\Picasa!.wtz Picasa v3.1.70.73 010 !Freeware\Management\Photos\SWater Ref!.wtz Sqirlz Water Reflections v2.3.0.2 011 !Freeware\Management\Photos\XnView!.wtz XnView v1.95.0.0 012 !Freeware\Management\System\AWinCare!.wtz Advanced WindowsCare v2.8.6.0 Personal 013 !Freeware\Management\System\Glary Utilities!.wtz Glary Utilities v2.9.0.518 014 !Freeware\MultiMedia\Encoders\AAConverter!.wtz Any Audio Converter v1.1.0.1 015 !Freeware\MultiMedia\Encoders\AVConverter!.wtz Any Video Converter v2.7.1.1 016 !Freeware\MultiMedia\Players\Gom MPlayer!.wtz GOM Media Player v2.1.14.4525 017 !Freeware\Tools\AntiVirus\ClamWin!.wtz ClamWin v0.94.1 018 !Freeware\Tools\Info and Diagnose\AusLogics SysInfo!.wtz AusLogics System Information v1.1.7.184 019 !Freeware\Tools\Malware and Adaware\SpyWTer!.wtz Spyware Terminator v2.1.1.314 020 !Freeware\Tools\Recovery\Pan Rec!.wtz Pandora Recovery v2.0.4.0 021 !Freeware\Tools\Security\BCArchive!.wtz BCArchive utility v1.07.1 022 !Freeware\Tools\System Wide\ASystemCare!.wtz Advanced SystemCare v3.1.2.606 023 !Freeware\Tools\System Wide\GPLGScript!.wtz GPL Ghostscript v8.15 027 !Shareware\Management\MagicISO!.wtz MagicISO v5.4.0.239 028 !Shareware\Management\SimpleOCR!.wtz SimpleOCR v3.1 029 !Shareware\Management\Ultraiso!.wtz UltraISO Premium v9.3.1.2633

Win-Travellerô v1.2 Suite Productivity Top
001 !Freeware\Applications\Blender!.wtz Blender v2.4.8 002 !Freeware\Applications\MozSunbird!.wtz Mozilla Sunbird v0.7 003 !Freeware\Applications\!.wtz v3.0.9357.500 004 !Freeware\Applications\Scribus!.wtz Scribus v1.3.3.4 005 !Freeware\Development\Editors\WinMerge!.wtz WinMerge v2.6.12.0 006 !Freeware\Development\Help and Documentation\Treeline!.wtz Treeline v1.0.2 007 !Freeware\Development\Web\EvrsoftFPageZS!.wtz Evrsoft 1st Page v3.0.0.0 008 !Freeware\Development\Web\SoftProm!.wtz Software Promotion v1.0.1782.26913 009 !Freeware\Development\Web\Trellian WebPage!.wtz Trellian WebPage v 010 !Freeware\Management\Photos\Irfan view!.wtz Irfan View v4.2.3.0 011 !Shareware\Development\AlbumWeb!.wtz AlbumWeb v3.0.0.0 012 !Shareware\Development\Rapid CSS ZE!.wtz Rapid CSS v9.2.0.100 013 !Shareware\Management\AO SMap Gen!.wtz A1 Sitemap Generator v1.7.6 014 !Shareware\Management\PS Photo Alb!.wtz Paint Shop Photo Album v4.0.0.4 015 !Shareware\Management\PS Pro 8!.wtz Paint Shop Pro v8.1.0.0 016 !Shareware\Tools\ViceVersa Pro!.wtz Vice Versa Pro v2.0.1.0